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With our staff’s 12+ years of experience in academic technology, we want to help you make and keep your school’s technology affordable, easy, and secure!

Do you want to use the latest apps, programs and devices? Do you find yourself saying, "That's great! How do we do that?" That's where we come in. We want to help you get the infrastructure and hardware in place to empower your faculty and staff to make their technology dreams come true!



Henry Burroughs

President and Co-Founder

Henry Burroughs, President and Co-Founder of Technology WIN!, has a four year college Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has 13 years work experience in academic IT, with 12 of those years serving as the Directory of Technology across two different independent secondary schools. Henry has covered and is competent at long-term technology development planning and implementation and managing that implementation within budget parameters. He has taught various levels of computer courses, taken education courses and is competent at systems, network and database administration.

The first year after graduating, Henry interned under Eckerd College's Systems Administrator. He went on to be the Director of Technology for a private school on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for seven academic years. He took a K-12 campus of approximately 500 students from hodge podge systems put in place by tech savvy faculty to a platform that would support Windows, Mac, Linux, and wireless devices. During his time there he had experience in the classroom teaching computer classes to most grade levels, from touch-typing for first through fourth graders to a high school programming and computer ethics class.

Most recently, Henry has been the Director of Technology at a private school in the Tampa Bay Area. He once again came to a newly created position, but with the focus of moving from outsourced tech support to in-house. This PK4-8 school has the added unique feature of being spread across three physically separated campuses.  Henry’s last major project was the successful rollout of a 1:1 iPad program for 500 students grades Kindergarten through Eighth grade.


Julie Burroughs

Vice PRESIDENT of marketing & communication and CO-FOUNDER

Julie Burroughs, Vice President of Marketing & Communication and Co-Founder of Technology WIN!, has a degree in International Business and minor in Mathematics from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. With a strong interest in marketing and human resources, she believes people and communication are the key to making things work and change happen. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through technology, the importance of paying attention to cross cultural interactions is also on the rise. As the mother of an elementary school student, she is an advocate of education. Julie has held various leadership positions over the years in college, church, family businesses, and her son’s school. She is a writer, including of her own Christian email devotional, The eDevo.



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