Topics We Cover

  • Device Selection & Maintenance

  • Safety & Security

  • Technology Budgets

  • Infrastructure

  • Creative Tools

  • Digital Citizenship


Device Selection & Management

iPads, Chromebooks, Tablets & Laptops -- Is your head spinning from all the options and questions? Technology WIN! will walk beside you and help guide you on the path of determining which devices best fit your school’s needs and goals, and how to make them work.

There are many options for interactive display tools. We will help you examine those options and make suggestions for the best selections for your school. We can also help with the nuances involved such as placement, usefulness, how many you really need, and connectivity.


Safety & Security

There are affordable and easy ways to help protect your school and minimize exposure.  Technology WIN! will help you find holes and fix them.


Technology Budgets

Being good stewards of funds used for technology is where an accurate technology budget comes in.  Technology WIN! has experience with creating Technology Budgets that will show you what it will take to make and maintain your technology dreams.


Infrastructure Plan & Building

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” --Benjamin Franklin

Developing a plan for technology infrastructure is critical to the success of technology rolled out in the classroom.  If the technology in the classroom does not work effectively, it puts roadblocks in the way of student learning.  Capacity, coverage, compatibility, and planning for growth are all pieces.


Creative Tools

Technology and creation go hand in hand. Let us help you incorporate technology that will expand the creative horizons of your students. We can discuss 3D Printing & 3D Laser Printing.


Digital Citizenship

Are good citizenship and character skills a part of your school’s branding and culture? Then make Digital Citizenship a part of your school branding and culture too! After all, digital citizenship is part of citizenship in today’s world.